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Women Advancing Transformational
Equity Research

We Serve Community-Based Health Nonprofits


The consulting firm Women Advancing Transformation Equity Research (WATER) engages in collaborative endeavors with various community-focused health organizations, both nascent and well-established, to infuse research methodologies into their grassroots initiatives. By acting as an intermediary,


WATER serves to bridge the gap between empirical studies and pragmatic applications within the scope of community health, ensuring that evidence-based practices are seamlessly incorporated into ongoing and forthcoming projects.


The firm employs a multifaceted approach that includes but is not limited to, qualitative and quantitative data collection, analysis, and interpretation, thereby facilitating nuanced strategies tailored to the unique needs of each community.

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By aligning research protocols with the mission objectives of these nonprofit organizations, WATER empowers them to substantiate their efforts with data-driven insights. This not only elevates the credibility and efficacy of these organizations but also enables them to garner additional funding and support from stakeholders who value empirically grounded interventions. Moreover, the firm offers mentorship and training sessions aimed at enhancing the research competencies of the staff within these nonprofits, thereby building their internal capacity for sustainable development.

The consultative process follows a holistic model, beginning with an initial assessment of the organization’s existing structures and strategies. This is succeeded by the formulation of a comprehensive research design that aligns with both the short-term and long-term objectives of the nonprofit entity. Subsequent stages involve the actual implementation of the research plan, data collection, and analysis, culminating in actionable recommendations that inform future initiatives and policies.


By navigating the complexities of both research and community-based health interventions, WATER provides an invaluable service that harmonizes empirical rigor with the exigencies of real-world application, thereby contributing substantively to the advancement of equitable healthcare practices at the community level.

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